Balika Vadhu 4th September Written Update Gauri is pregnant

Balika Vadhu 4th September Written Update Gauri is pregnant

The episode on 4th September 2012 begins with Jagat arguing with the person surrounded by him who thinks him as a beggar.

He feels to be deserved for this situation as he had insulted his family. He cries out of frustration.

He feels that if Dadisa forgives him, then rest of the family members will also do so. So he decides to go back to home.

Anandi and shiv are invited for a dinner by Iravati, but dadisa looks worried about village people who will make an issue about Anandi and Shiv’s meeting before marriage. But, Bhairo tells that not to worry about the society.

Shiv gets ready for the lunch and he is informed that all dishes are prepared according to Anandi’s wishes.

When Anandi is informed about the lunch by Dadisa, she agrees to it.

On Mumbai road, Gauri cries on remembering Jagat and she suddenly faints.

In hospital, Doctor informs her that she is pregnant. Her mother insists to tell about this to Jagat, but she stops her.

Gauri says that she doesn’t want the baby and has no relationship with Jagat. Her mother is stunned.