Usha Uthup as judge cries in Kuyil Pattu in Kalaignar TV

Usha Uthup as judge cries in Kuyil Pattu in  Kalaignar TV

Kuyil Pattu which is a singing competition for the children below the age of 15 is aired on Kalaignar TV on Saturdays. The singing reality show has Usha Uthup and Anuradha Sriram as the judges of the show. This show has many children from all over Tamil Nadu participating in this singing competition for the ultimate price. These children are also mentored by Usha Uthup and Anuradha Sriram on how they can make their voices better and thus helping them becoming better singers in the show as well as outside. 

This week we saw that Krishnakanth won the best performer award in Kuyil Pattu from Usha Uthup and Anuradha Sriram. In the upcoming episodes we will look at Kuyil Pattu having more serious rounds. For the next round we have a folk singer specially as a judge for the folk round. In the build up to the next episodes we will see Krishnakanth's song had made Usha Uthup shed tears of joy for the type of talent that he showed in the show. Closes sources to the sets of Kuyil Pattu reveal that Krishnakanth has earned special appreciation from Usha Uthup for his performance too. 

Stay tuned to Kalaignar TV for Kuyil Pattu coming Saturday for more updates.