Star Mahila on ETV – A show for women

Star Mahila on ETV – A show for women

One of the most popular women oriented shows is Star Mahila. Experienced anchor Suma will host the show. Viewers can watch the show Star Mahila every day at 1:00 PM. At a time six women can participate in the show Star Mahila. Being an experienced anchor Suma handles the show very well. Viewers will enjoy seeing the show Star Mahila. Suma’s hosting is a plus point to the show.

Initially all the players will be having zero points. During the participant introduction, Suma will make the player to throw the dice. The number which comes on the dice will be the initial score of the player.

First round is named as Bhoom Bhoom Shakalaka. In this round either one song will be played or a clipping will be shown to the players. The host will ask the questions regarding the song or clipping. Any player who knows the answer can buzz and say the right answers. Player who says the right answer will be given six points.

Second round is named as Beji Gajibeji. A jumbled word will be shown to all the players. The player needs to arrange the word in correct order. If the player says the right answer then she will be awarded six points. If the answer is wrong then two points will be detected from the initial points.

Third round is named as Prasnalaku Velayare. The player will be called to hot seat and will be given a choice of 8 numbers. The player needs to choose any particular number. Based on the number chosen the host will ask questions to player. If the player gives correct answers to the question asked she can take the points of her fellow participants hence detecting the points of other participants.

The fourth round is named as Tendervedam Ra. In this round any item such as mixer, camera etc will be auctioned. The player who bids highest using their points will be given the item at the cost of deducing their points.

The fifth round is named as Bolo Chitram Bolo. In this round a blurred pic of any actor/actress will be shown to the player. If the player guesses the right answer then she will be awarded with six points.

The last and final round of the show is Atadestha. In this game the player will be given few balls. An empty tub will be placed near the wall. The player needs to hit the ball on to the wall in such a way that ball should bounce and fall in the tub. For every ball which falls in tub, the player will be given six points. Well, last round is scoring for the participants.