Saravanan Meenakshi Vijay TV: Romantic Love Story Family Subject

Saravanan Meenakshi Vijay TV: Romantic Love Story Family Subject

Tired of watching serials that are filled with tears and tragedy? Here comes the romantic love story to fill your heart with happiness – “Saravanan Meenakshi”. The love that blossoms between Saravanan, the easy go guy and Meenakshi, the disciplined and self-esteemed girl, is the theme of this serial.

This serial is a blend of love and family sentiments. Due to the confusion created by Saravanan, both their families dislike each other. However, with support of fathers of Saravanan and Meenakshi, their marriage is fixed.  Meenakshi’s brother and Saravanan’s mom and sister are still looking for opportunities to cancel the marriage proposal.

Though Saravanan and Meenakshi love each other, their horoscopes do not match. To convince both the families, Saravanan along with his Dad has altered both the horoscopes and sent it to the family members.  Even Meenakshi does not know about it.

But soon, this horoscope change will be found by Meenakshi’s family and even her Dad will refuse to accept the marriage proposal.

What will happen then? Will Meenakshi marry  Saravanan by fighting against her Family? To know that, keep watching Saravanan Meenakshi in Vijay TV at 8.30 PM on all week days. 

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