Manada Mayilada season 7 registration information Kalaignar TV

Manada Mayilada season 7 registration information Kalaignar TV

Manada Mayilada is a dance reality show on Kalaignar TV. The show has already completed six seasons with grand success. It is now entering into the seventh season with a new grand look.

It is said that there has never been a dull moment in the program Manada Mayilada and it has got lot of regular watchers all over the world. Though other channels have tried to match its performance, they were not been successful so far, including the famous Vijay TV.

Kalaignar TV was successful in bringing some very attractive personalities to the program and are going strong after six Seasons also and the season 7 is no exception for that.

The promos were already on Kalaignar TV with the famous choreographer Kala Master. Now, there is an opportunity for everybody to take part in the show irrespective of where they live, the famous and talented choreographer Kala Master announced. Kala Master also gave the registration and participation details information regarding how anyone can participate in the show.

Manada Mayilada season 7 Kalaignar TV Dance master Kala

The registration details for Manada Mayilada season 7 dance reality show

Send your emails to While applying, you need to send your biodata, Photos, video of dance.

Email for participation Malada Mayilada season 7

Address to send your information

Kalaigner TV,
Manada Mayilada 7,
Post box: 6415
Chennai - 600018

Address to send Biodata for MaladaMayilada season 7