Maa Tv’s Modern Mahalakshmi show hosted by Roja

Maa Tv’s Modern Mahalakshmi show hosted by Roja

Now-a-days, women entertainment shows are becoming more popular! One such entertainment-reality show is Modern Mahalakshmi show hosted by film actress Roja. This show is sponsored by South India Shopping mall.

Modern Mahalaksmi show involves only female gender to participate in the show. For every episode, six players will address the show. Every player will definitely look like a Modern Mahalaksmi only! Roja is hosting the show in a special way. Roja’s hosting may make the Modern Mahalakshmi show a super hit.

The first round in the Modern Mahalaksmi show is the ‘Ala Modalaindi’ round. In this round, every contestant will be given a topic on which the contestant has to speak for one minute without using a single Telugu word.  

Second round is ‘Chalaki Chandramuki round’. In this round, four boxes will be kept in front of the player. Also, four keys will be provided to the player in which only one key works and can open one box only. Few special gifts will be kept inside the box like sarees etc. Player will be given 30 seconds of time. In these 30 seconds, the player has to go to every box and examine which box will be opened by the key. If any of the box opens, then the gift inside the box will be given to the player.

Third round in the show is called as ‘Aura Aura’. It is a very funny round. Women will definitely enjoy playing this round. Every player will be given a bow and arrow. A board will be displayed in front of the player in which few of the film star photos will be displayed. The player has to target any one of the film actor and shoot the arrow. Three chances will be given to the player to shoot the target. In this way one of the film actors will be selected by the player. Host Roja will ask three question on the the photo selected. For every correct answer to the question, the player will score 10 points.

Fourth round is called as ‘Ringa Ringa’ round. In this round, a ring will be placed which can pivot on its center. The ring contains numbers from 1 to 10. Player has to select any number and has to rotate the ring. If the ring points to the number selected by the player, then the player will win a gift and also score 10 points. Every player will get two chances to play this round.

The last and final round is called as ‘Bangaram Singaram’ round. This is the players favourite round. In this round, few jewellery will be kept in front of a player. One minute time slot will be given to the player. During this time, the player has to take the jewellery and put it on the. For every single jewellery the player wears fetches them 5 points. In this way players can will maximum number of points.

The player who is having the highest points at the end of the show, will be the winner of the episode. The winner will be given few gift hampers.

In this way many prizes can be wined by the womens. To check out the show watch Maa Tv every Friday and Saturday night at 8.00 PM.