Kesar agrees to marry Talli in Gulaal on Star Plus

Kesar agrees to marry Talli in Gulaal on Star Plus

Star Plus’ Gulaal is bringing major twist in the coming episodes.

Gulaal (Manasi Parekh) is seeing the most challenging phase of her life as the family is insisting her to start her new life with Kesar (Neil Bhatt) in the current track. But the buzz is that high drama is in store for the audience in the coming episodes when Gulaal asks Kesar to marry Talli.

A source told that Gulaal is upset with her family’s decision of remarrying with Kesar. Finally, she will put a proposal in front of Kesar to marry Talli. Kesar, who is also confused about his feelings for Gulaal and will ask her why she never had feelings for him? Gulaal tells him that she never considered Kesar as her husband because she is in love with Dushyant (Sushant Singh). And she will also convince Kesar to marry with Talli as a vengeance.

Our sources contacted Kesar (Neil Bhatt) and he confirmed that there is major drama that has to come in next week but he can not reveal the story of the show.

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