Genes show on ETV – Depends on players view

Genes show on ETV – Depends on players view

Now days reality shows are gaining more attention from viewers. One among such show is Genes. Active anchor Suma hosts the show Genes on ETV. Compared to other reality shows this is the highest TRP rated show. Also, the players can easily guess the match and win a good amount of money.

Every player will be initially given 50,000 Rs. The player will be shown a photo of any actor or actress and also few children photos along with the actor or actress photo. One among those children is the real son/daughter of the actor or actress. The player needs to guess the perfect match of mother/father with child and give their answer. If the player guesses the correct answer then he will be given 10,000 Rs or else 10,000 Rs will be detected from the 50,000 Rs which were given to him earlier. By playing the game Genes, players can easily win good cash price.

Sometimes, the anchor may show grandfather/grandmother pictures which have to be matched with granddaughter/grandson picture. Well, the game is easy as well as hard!

Viewers can watch the show Genes on every Saturday at 9:30 PM on ETV.

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