Yash and Aarti’s engagement fix in ZEE TV's show Punar Vivah

Yash and Aarti’s engagement fix in ZEE TV

Earlier episode of ZEE TV Punar Vivah has shown that Yash and Aarti did not want their Punar Vivah (re-marriage). But due to their family's demand and for the sake of their kids, both Yash and Aarti accepted Punar Vivah (re-marriage).

Now, upcoming episode will show that Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) and Aarti’s family will fix their engagement. The promo of the engagement is already on air on the channel where Yash and Aarti’s mothers are showing them the engagement ring. However, all are happy with this marriage but for Yash’s mother who is not happy to bring Aarti’s son Ansh along with Aarti due to Punar Vivah (re-marriage).

On the other side, Aarti’s mother is not comfortable to hide the issue of Arti's divorce from Yash’s family. Shobha (Arti's mother) is worried of the consequences if and when Yash family comes to know that Aarti is a divorcee and not a widow.

Yash and Aarti will confront each other for the first time during engagement ceremony. Aarti’s family decided not to leave Aarti alone with Yash family. For they fear that if Aarti remains with Yash's family for longer time, the issue of divorce may be revealed.