Woh Apna Sa Latest: Nisha' goons harass Jhanvi, Adi injured

Woh Apna Sa Latest: Nisha

Viewers of Zee TV’s daily soap Woh Apna Sa featuring Jhanvi (Disha Parmar), Nisha (Riddhi Dogra) and Adi (Sudeep Sahir) will show some extreme action drama as Jhanvi gets caught by Nisha’s goons.

Nisha is determined to throw Jhanvi out of Adi’s life and is upto some real cheap tricks to scare her off.

Nisha’s goons will be seen misbehaving and trying to pull off Jhanvi’s clothes.

However, Jhanvi’s cries and screams attract Adi’s attention who by chance was passing through the same road.

Adi will jump into Hero Avtaar and search for Jhanvi by following her screams.

Adi will be shocked to see Jhanvi’s struggle and will start bashing up the goons.

In the fight, Adi will also get major bruises all over and will be in a sad state.

Let’s wait and watch if Adi will be able to save himself and Jhanvi from the goons.

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