Will Yash (Gurmeet) accept Aarti’s (Kratika) love in Punar Vivah?

Will Yash (Gurmeet) accept Aarti’s (Kratika) love in Punar Vivah?

Aarti (Kratika Sengar) tried hard not to develop love feelings for Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) as he loves only Arpita but destiny changed Aarti’s respect in to love for Yash in ZEE TV Punar Vivah.

The last episode brought a big change in Aarti’s life where she walked on the fire for Yash safety.

Aarti got very scared after not finding Yash using her all efforts. Then she went to mazar where baba asked Aarti that if she really loves him then she should cross the way of fire to find him.
Aarti decided that she will do anything which will help to save Yash. Following this, Aarti crossed the fire way and succeeded in finding her husband Yash.

Seeing Yash safe, Aarti confessed that she loves him. Let’s see whether Yash accept Aarti after knowing what Aarti did to save him.