Why is Yash angry at Aarti? Aarti's diary may be reason for angry

Why is Yash angry at Aarti? Aarti

Yash is mad (anger) with Aarti in Punar Vivah. Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) and Aarti’s (Kratika Sengar) married life is getting stuck once again with misunderstandings in Punar Vivah on ZEE TV.

Aarti had just started enjoying her life with Yash and almost succeeded to bring smile in Yash’s face. But destiny snatched Aarti’s happiness very early and made Yash very much angry at Aarti.

Present track shows that Yash is very angry (anger) with Aarti. He angrily announced to his family members that Aarti is not his wife now. He also refused to see Aarti’s face and lisen to her voice.

Yash’s family members were shocked and confused about Yash’s rude behaviour towards  Aarti.

It is still not clear about the real reason behind Yash’s angry. But it seems that since Yash has already read Aarti’s dairy in which she has written about her love feelings for Yash might have made him angry.

The other reason could be that Yash may have developed love feelings for Aarti which he was avoiding all along because he never wanted to give Arpita’s place to Aarti.

So, being angry or mad at Aarti might help him to stay away from his love feelings towards Aarti.