Saravanan and Meenakshi final (last) marriage episode 27th July

Saravanan and Meenakshi final (last) marriage episode 27th July

Finally, Saravanan and Meenakshi marriage ended in the final episode of Vijay TV's Saravanan and Meenakshi serial on 27th July 2012.

Meenakshi was shocked on seeing Saravanan with Yamini and out of frustration she ran from the place in anger. Saravanan tried to stop her, but Tamil grabs him.

Vaithi and family member tried to stop Tamil while he screams at Saravanan for making a mess during the wedding time.

Saravanan pleads at RS by falling on his feet, but he doesn't mind him.

Everyone in the family was quite confused whether Saravanan and Meenakshi's marriage will happen or not!

Tamil consoled that it will happen for sure and not to worry about it as he will take care of it.

Saravanan cried a lot and lot making an apology to Meenakshi, but in vain.

Meanwhile, AS convinced Meenakshi to marry him and both were in Kalyana Mandabam.

Finally, when the ritual was about to take place AS realized her suffering sitting hardly beside him in the mandabam.

AS consoled her by saying that Saravanna is her true sole and let her free to get married to Saravanan.

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