Sur-Taal special DID 3: Raghav slow motion dance for Azmat's song

Sur-Taal special DID 3: Raghav slow motion dance for Azmat

In the Sur – Taal special episode of ZEE TV Dance India season 3, Raghav Crockroaxz Juyal  stunned the judges and audience using free style slow motion dance on the popular song Chalat Musafir Mohe Liyo Re which was live sung by SA RE GA MA PA Li’l champs winner Azmat.

Little singer Azmat sang the song in three styles first one was original, the Ghazal style and last fast speed and Raghav Juyal superbly balanced his dance with Azmat's singing. In the beginning of the dance both started with dance and the end was slow motion style where Azmat did slow motion with Raghav.

Master Geeta said that Azmat is a very talented singer. Raghav danced in 3 ways according to style of the song, which  was wonderful. Azmat and Raghav's match was superb. Master Remo D’Souza said Azmat is all-rounder while Raghav is the best dancer. Mentor Terence loved the three dance steps for the song's words Chalat Musafir where Raghav used his own style very well.

Grand Master Mithun Da said Ghazal style song and dance was superb and it was a value for money act. Mithun Da gave standing salute to Raghav and Azamat's entertaining performance.

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