Star Plus's EHMMBH: Manvi accepted Virat as her true partner

Star Plus

Virat and Manvi’s love story has now taken a new turn in Star Plus Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain (EHMMBH).

The previous episode showed that Virat decided to confess his love to Manvi but some unwanted condition created bit fight amid Virat and Manvi.

Later Manvi realized that Virat is innocent and Manvi patched up with Virat. As soon as Virat confessed his love to Manvi, he came to know that Manvi has been suffering from cancer.

Virat was terribly shocked when he came to know that his beloved one is struggling in between life and death. Manvi is unaware of Virat’s feelings for her.

Recently, the family celebrated Manvi’s birthday in a very special manner. Virat promised Manvi that he will always be with her.

Then yesterday (21 May) episode showed that suddenly Manvi felt a severe pain due to cancer effect. Virat made immediate safety precautions by rubbing her feet.

Manvi was more touched with Virat’s concern for her and called him as her true partner. Virat also promised Manvi that he will never break this partnership.