Star Plus EHMMBH: Manvi become matchmaker for Virat and Maya

Star Plus EHMMBH: Manvi become matchmaker for Virat and Maya

It is being shown in Star Plus Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain (EHMMBH) that Swamini bua is not happy with Manvi and Virat’s friendship. Swamini bua got more upset when she heard about Manvi saying that she thinks to get married with Virat. Though, Manvi said it for a joke Swamini took it seriously.

27 February 2012 episode showed that Swamini bua gets upset recalling Manvi’s words on Virat’s marriage. So, Swamini bua meets Maya (Virat ex-girlfriend) and offers her a chance to get back in to Virat’s life. Maya aggress with Swamini bua (Seema kapoor) but she says that Virat (Kushal Tandon) is very stubborn, so he will not soon forget her.

Making re-unite Maya (Nikunj Malik) and Virat, Swamini said Manvi (Nia Sharma) that she is very impressed because Manvi Virat going to office which brings change in his regular life. Swamini bua said Manvi that she liked her idea get married with Virat. Manvi got very excited on hearing such praising word from Swamini bua. Manvi promised Sawamini that she will soon find a good life partner for Virat. But, Swamini said there is girl named Maya and Virat loves her so much.

Upcoming episode will show that Swamini bua will ask Manvi to do patch up between Virat and Maya. Manvi will accept it and acts like a matchmaker for Virat and Maya.

Will Manvi succeed to re-unite Virat and Maya? Let’s see what happens.