Shruti Hassan special Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi (NVOK) Vijay TV

Shruti Hassan special Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi (NVOK) Vijay TV

Shruti Hassan Special 3 April Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi won Rs. 6,40,000

The Charming and smiling girl Shruti Hassan, Actor Kamal Hassan’s daughter enriched the show by her presence. Actor Surya welcomed Shruti Hassan with great pleasure. I haven’t realized that questions will be asked and entered the show with no preparations, Shruti quoted. Her hobby includes reading books per month and watching movies everyday which is her ritual, she explained to Surya.

As the game begins, Surya asked her questions for 80,000 and she played very sportive with no tension prevailing in her mind. As Actor Surya and Shruti Hassan already had acted together in movie they freely shared about their experiences on the set.

Next 9th question for 1,60,000 was asked and she opted for a Audience Poll Life line. Now, having 1,60,000 in hand she played the next level and used the other Life line Phone A Friend. A huge noise aroused from the entire set when Shruti called her father, Actor Kamal Hassan for Phone A Friend Life Line. The show was now completely honored by Actor Kamal Hassan's voice, added Surya.

When Shruti started reading the question, her father Actor Kamal Hassan replied her with the answer within a fraction of second. Shruti used the 50:50 life line for 11th question and won Rs. 6,40,000. She quits the game at the level of 12th question and explains Surya that she meant this money for a cause and the reason behind to quit. She ended the show pleasantly by singing her latest movie 3 song Kannazhaga.