Shaheer Sheikh (Navya's Anant) in Teri Meri Love Stories (TMLS)

Shaheer Sheikh (Navya

Shaheer Sheikh has made a special place in everyone's hearts by playing the romantic role of Anant in the show Navya.

Shaheer Sheikh will now be seen in the short film Teri Meri Love Stories on Star Plus, where he will play the role of a husband Nityanand Chaturvedi who wants a true partner rather than a devotee wife.

Shaheer Sheikh is quite happy to get a new role to show his acting talent and is content in the space that he is in right now.

He likes to experiment as an actor and wants to spend a comfortable and pleasant life but not crazy about making money.

Shaheer is happy about his chocolate boy image which he is famous for among his fans.  But, he would love to try his hands at playing negative characters some day.

Besides acting, Shaheer Sheikh is also interested in singing. Shaheer Sheikh thinks that he is not a good singer but presently he is writing and composing some songs for his album.