Sasural Simar Ka twist: Simar, Jhanvi approach Shaurya's sister

Sasural Simar Ka twist: Simar, Jhanvi approach Shaurya

Sasural Simar Ka (SSK): Meghna to know of Shaurya's misdeeds with Jhanvi

Colors' Sasural Simar Ka (SSK) will bring some upcoming twists for Simar (Dipika Samson), Roli (Avika Gor) and Jhanvi (Falak Naaz).

While Shaurya told Simar about his one night stand with her sister in law Jhanvi to take revenge, Roli discovers a broken mangalsutra in Jhanvi's cupboard.

When confronted, Jhanvi finally spills the beans about how Shaurya enticed her into a trap only to take revenge.

Simar and Roli realise that Shaurya married Jhanvi falsely, spend a night with her and then left her alone.

However Simar wont give up hope and will decide to do justice with Jhanvi who is so concerned about.

After her meeting with Shaurya turned bitter, Simar will now approach Megha, his elder sister and a well known social worker.

She will tell Meghna about her brother taking advantage of Jhanvi and ask her to give justice to Jhanvi.

Lets see in upcoming episodes whether Meghna gives justice to Jhanvi and fights against Shaurya, or covers up his mistakes again, as she did in the past.