Saraswatichandra: Kumud to prove Saraswati Chandra's innocence

Saraswatichandra: Kumud to prove Saraswati Chandra

Star Plus Saraswatichnadra will raise an issue of Gau Hatya's case where Saraswati Chandra (Gautam Rode) will took the blame of killing cow.

It will now be shown that a cow will be killed by Kumud’s brother Yash and his friend Nirav.

Saraswatichandra will take the blame on himself because he knows that they (Yash and Nirav) are innocent and they accidently killed the cow.

Villagers will accept Saraswati Chandra as a culprit because he jumped into a holy river to save a kid.

Kumud (Jennifer Winget) will not be ready to believe that Saras can do such type of crime.

Kumud will support Sarawasti Chandra and bring him out from the situation.

Kumud will also come to know that Yash and Nirav killed the cow.

This sequence will bloom love between Saraswati Chandra and Kumud.