Sanskar Dhrohar Apno Ki upcoming episode Kishan & Bhoomi's Vidaai

Sanskar Dhrohar Apno Ki is a unique story where an Indian is proud of his identity and has to work in US to support his family and earn money to rebuild his family.

Kishan gets work in a fashion related company where his boss’s daughter falls in love with him. Kishan gets fired and Bhoomi marries him so that Kishan can stay in US and work to fulfill his dreams.

Kishan ignores about the fact that his grandmother has fixed his marriage with Bharti, and he is now all set to take Bhoomi as his wife to India.

In the upcoming episode updates of Sanskar Dhrohar Apno Ki, Bhoomi will complete all Vidaai rasm without her Mother’s blessings who challenges Bhoomi that she will not be able to live in India for more than 15 days.