Qubool Hai: Haider to know Zoya is his sister, Mamu's daughter

Qubool Hai: Haider to know Zoya is his sister, Mamu

Qubool Hai: Haider to reveal relation, family truth to Zoya soon

Qubool hai on Zee TV is presently showing Asad (Raqesh Vashisth) consoling Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) who yet again was fooled at the last minute and not given her father's identity.

However there might be a new ray of hope soon.

Haider who was assuming that his sister is dead will be shocked to know that his sister (cousin) is none other than Zoya.

While Mamu was walking to someone about Zoya being his daughter and he not being able to tell her the same, Haider happens to overhear it.

Haider will be thrilled to know that Zoya is his sister and will decide to give her the good news.

Haider is related to Zoya's mother's side as Zoya's mother was his aunt.

Lets see if Haider will also tell Humaira that Zoya is her own step sister.