Pyaar Ka Dard: Misunderstanding again between Pankhudi, Aditya

Pyaar Ka Dard: Misunderstanding again between Pankhudi, Aditya

It has been shown that Aditya and Pankhuri were on the verge of getting married but there was a misunderstanding which spoiled everything in Pyaar Ka Dard show on Star Plus.

Realizing their mistake, Pankhuri’s family apologized to Aditya and his family. Later, Aditya’s Nana (Mukesh Khanna) and Pankhuri’s Dada Ji made a plan of filling the gap between Aditya and Pankhuri.

Their plan was half way success and things started calming down between Aditya and Pankhudi during Neha’s sangeet ceremony.

The upcoming episode is  bringing more tension again between Aditya and Pankhudi's relationship.

Aditya will come to Neha’s wedding on Pankhudi's request. But happiness will change into tension filled drama when Aditya will agree with the groom’s side ignorant behaviour.

Aditya will have a big argument with them. The groom's side will ask him about his right to interfere in their family matters.

This question will might take a bad turn when Aditya comes to know about the lie that Pankhuri’s mama ji had told to Neha’s in laws.