Punar Vivah Yash's (Gurmeet) meeting with Heroine (Kareena)

Punar Vivah Yash

Yash faces Heroine Mahi's (Kareena Kapoor) anger in Punar Vivah

Kareena Kapoor appeared on the show as part of her upcoming movie, Heroine’s promotions. Gurmeet Choudhary (Yash) was excited about Kareena’s visit. He plays Yash Scindia, the male lead in the show.

Gurmmet wished Kareena in advance, on coming to know that the film’s release and her birthday fall on 21st September. Gurmeet wished her for the film’s success as well for her birthday too.

Gurmeet exclaimed that being a huge fan of Kareena, he admires her. He complimented that she is a complete actress. He explained a sequence that they shot, where she has to reprimand him(Yash Scindia), claiming it to be very interesting.

Though she reprimanded him in the show, Gurmeet said she was extremely warm and down-to-earth in person.

Gurmeet expressed his heights of happiness by saying his dream had come true after shooting with Kareena.

The sequence that was shot shows Mahi, Kareena’s character in Heroine, inaugurating an art exhibition in Bhopal, where Yash is the event manager. Mahi burns with rage when she finds the preparations for her welcome are inadequate.

In the show, Yash regrets for his second marriage with Aarti (Kratika Sengar). On the other hand he is hopelessly in love with his deceased wife Arpita. Yash punishes himself by joining a fight club and gets injured by fighting with wrestlers. Catch up on the full drama with Kareena Kapoor’s (Mahi) entry on the show on 20th September in Zee TV at 10.30 pm.