Punar Vivah 2 upcoming twist: Sarita accused for Kajri's murder

Punar Vivah 2 upcoming twist: Sarita accused for Kajri

Punar Vivah 2 recent news and next story track: Kajal (Kajri) to die, Sarita trapped, arrested for Kajri's death

Zee TV's Punar Vivah 2 will witness a sensational drama for the married couple Vikrant (Eijaz Khan) and Sarita (Srishty Rode) during their 1st Karvachauth.

While Kajri is killed after her plan backfires on her, Sarita will unknowingly land in deep trouble.

It has been shown that Sarita has decided to live faithfully with her husband Vikrant after their first Karvachauth.

Sarita is also shocked to know that Sheila purposely trapped Rohan in her love to take revenge on him for cheating her.

On the other hand Kajri is making plans to kill Sheila by putting Sarita's diamon ring gifted by Vikrant in Sheila's Karvachauth food.

However Kajri ends up swallowing it and dies. The turning point is no one aware how Kajri ended up swallowing Sarita's ring.

Sarita will be arrested on fake charges of planning murder and Vandana will accuse Sarita and Sheila of the same.

Lets see if Sarita gets justice or and if Sarita and Vikrant's love and marriage bond will increase or get destroyed after this incident.