Priyal Gor's Dekha Ek Khwaab to end on SONY TV on 2 August 2012

Priyal Gor

Dekha EK Khwaab is finally going to end on 2nd August 2012 on SONY TV.

In the upcoming track, Udayveer (Ashish Kapoor) will face an accident which will make Manyata to fall in love for him. He will be taken home where everyone will be shocked.

Manyata (Priyal Gor) will realize her love for him and they will come together after sorting out the problems.

Both Manyata and Udayveer will sort out all the misunderstandings between them.

Neither Jayanandini nor Akash can keep away Manyata from Udayveer any longer. They will finally unite in the last.

A new show Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage will take place of Dekha EK Khwaab in the time slot of 8:30 PM.