Pratigya Abhimanyu truth creates rift amid Sajjan Singh, Krishna

Pratigya Abhimanyu truth creates rift amid Sajjan Singh, Krishna

The upcoming episode will bring more tension filled drama in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya on Star Plus.

Present track shows that Krishna (Arhaan Behl) and Shakti Singh is very upset to see Sajjan Singh (Anupam Shyam) allowing Abhimanyu to stay in the house. 

Krishna organized a kushti match between him and Abhimanyu (Mohit Malik) throwing Abhimanyu out of the house.

Shakti Singh played an evil trick with Abhimanyu. He mixed poison in Abhimanyu’s milk. After drinking the milk, Abhimanyu gets fainted. He was then immediately rushed to the hospital.

The upcoming episode will show that the doctor will inform about Abhimanyu’s life put in danger condition.

However, due to large amount of blood being oozed out of his body, he will be in need of blood. Abhimanyu’s condition will break down Sajjan Singh.

He will reveal to the family that Abhimanyu is his illegitimate son. Sajjan Singh will plead Krishna to donate blood to Abhimanyu.

Krishna will refuse to give blood to Abhimanyu and this will create a huge fight between Krishna and Sajjan Singh.

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