Photo with Tom Cruise of Mission Impossible: Mishal is ecstatic

Photo with Tom Cruise of Mission Impossible: Mishal is ecstatic

Mishal Raheja, who is well known as Dutta bhau from the show Laagi Tujhse Lagan is looking very happy after meeting Hollywood star Tom Cruise.

Everyone knows that Tom Cruise visited India last week to promote his upcoming movie Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in which Anil Kapoor also plays an important role. Anil Kapoor threw a party to Tom Cruise.  Mishal Raheja is part of a chauffeur service provider company known as Party Hard Drivers. Mishal Raheja’s company was providing car service for Tom Cruise’s event.

Mishal Raheja said that initially he did not believe that his company got Tom Cruise’s order. Later, he realized this was actually happening,

When asked Mishal Raheja how he got chance take photo with Tom Cruise, he said that initially they were too busy with work and it seemed impossible to meet Tom Cruise. But, as soon as Tom Cruise was getting ready to leave to the airport, he came and opened the door for Tom and said Namaste Tom.

Mishal Raheja further added that after introducing himself as his chauffeur service providers, he asked Tom to take a photo with him for lifetime memory.

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