Anant's accident and Nimisha's marriage breaks in Navya Star Plus


Yesterday (19 March 2012) episode was very unhappy for lovely-married couple Anant and Navya in Star Plus Navya- Nayi Dhadkan Naye Sawaal.

The episode showed that Nimisha requested Navya to talk to Nikhil about Holi incident. Navya talked to Nikhil and asked Nikhil to speak in favor of Nimisha. Because if her parents complaint about Nimisha to her grandfather then he will too suffer in the problem as he is also responsible for it. Nikhil said Navya (Soumya Seth) that he will try to solve the problem but Nikhil’s father overheard Navya and Nikhil’s conversation and thought that Navya forcing Nikhil to go against his family.

Nikhil’s father said Nimisha’s grandfather that he is breaking Nimisha and Nikhil’s marriage and also told that Navya has come to meet Nikhil. During the whole argument, Nikhil was silent and he did not say anything from side of Nimisha.

Anant called Navya and Navya told him about holi incident between Nikhil and Nimisha. Anant (Shaheer Sheikh) was upset to hear it and asked Navya as she should inform first about it. Anant and Navya argued over the phone and at that time a car hit Anant. Following this, Anant fainted on the road and his phone destroyed by car.