Naamkaran Upcoming: Neil to dig out Ananya's past, Ali to rescue

Naamkaran Upcoming: Neil to dig out Ananya

Star Plus’ well-liked daily soap Naamkaran is going to showcase interesting twist and turn in Neil (Zain Imam) - Avni (Aditi Rathore) - Ali's (Gautam Vig) and Riya’s life.

As seen earlier, Avni manage to create nuisance in Riya and Neil’s engagement.

Furthermore, Avni also proves Daya thief before all the guests present in the engagement ceremony.

In addition to this, Avni also manage to create rift amid Diksha and Daya accomplishing her first step towards success.

On the other hand, Neil tries to explain his mother that Daya is not thief but someone else is trying to trap Daya.

In the series to come, Neil will order Ali to dig out Ananya’s past secret.

Surprisingly, Ali will learn that Ananya is his childhood friend Avni and will maintain this secret to save Avni.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist in the storyline.