Master challenge DID 3 special: Raghav Juyal slow motion aerial

Master challenge DID 3 special: Raghav Juyal slow motion aerial

The Master challenge special episode of ZEE TV Dance India dance season 3 (DID 3) on 31 March 2012 Raghav Crocroaxz Juyal got Aerial dance challenge by dance master Geeta. Raghav Juyal was number 3 dancing star in DID 3 of this week.  

Raghav Juyal was scared to perform aerial dance. He always escapes from doing this. This time Master Geeta gave challenge of aerial dance to him. Raghav practiced hard to prove to Master Geeta that he can do aerial dance too.

During the dance, Raghav Juyal was dressed in school uniform and danced to the song Kholo Kholo Darwaje from the movie Taare Zameen Par. With his aerial act, Raghav Juyal mesmerized everyone.His dance to mathematical lyrics of the song was tremendous. Icing on the cake cane in the end of the song when he used his signature slow motion dance.

Master Geeta was too happy to see Raghav dancing aerial style so nicely. She called his performance superb fantabulous fantastic.  She praised Raghav’s slow motion dance, which he presented in a new style. Remo D’Souza tied his MJ band on Raghav Juyal’s hand which was sign of Raghav's mindblowing and amazing dance. Raghav was very excited to get MJ band, which he was not expecting.

Mentor Terence complemented Raghav Juyal's act by saying unexpected chumeshwari act. Grand Master Mithun Da felt proud of Raghav and to see that he can do anything and gave standing salute for his fantastic aerial dance.