Mallika's plan to kill Nidhi in show Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (KTLK)


The upcoming episode is a lot of drama in SONY TV Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (KTLK). 

It is being shown that Nidhi has realized that Mallika is doing drama of losing her memory. On the other hand, Mallika is not leaving a single chance to separate Ashutosh and Nidhi.

However, Mallika's each attempt gets spoiled by Nidhi. Ashutosh loves his wife Nidhi very much and also has his full concern on Mallika as she is his good friend.

Ashutosh has full faith on Mallika but never lose her trust on Nidhi if Mallika tries to create misunderstanding between them.

Now the upcoming episode will show, Nidhi, Ashutosh will go for picnic and Mallika will also join them.

Nidhi and Ashutosh will spent a romantic time in rain. Mallika who will get upset to see Nidhi and Ashutosh's closeness will try to kill Nidhi by pushing her from a hill.