Madhubala: Madhubala to develop soft corner for RK (Vivian Dsena)

Madhubala: Madhubala to develop soft corner for RK (Vivian Dsena)

Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) and RK’s (Vivian Dsena) love hate story is taking a new turn on each day in Madhubala ek Ishq ek junoon on Colors.

It was last seen that Madhu left RK’s house after being insulted by RK in the party. RK reached the studio in search of Madhu and now they got locked in it due to heavy rain.

This sequence showed a different side of RK where he treated Madhubala’s wound. He also saved her from the fire while she was sleeping.

Both, Madhubala and RK were also seen forgetting their hate for some time. Madhubala also revealed to RK that it was not she who published his and his father’s photos in the newspaper.

RK who never shared his past to anyone will open his dreadful past to Madhubala. He revealed to her that his father died after clicking those photos. Madhubala is shocked and hurt after knowing this truth.

This revelation will bring a change in Madhu’s heart for RK. She will realize that RK’s bitter past is the real reason for his rude behaviour.

RK’s concern for her health will melt down Madhu for him.

Let’s see how the story will go ahead in RK and Madhubala’s life.