Kya Qusoor:Amala change of heart,Abeer innocence inevitable

Kya Qusoor:Amala change of heart,Abeer innocence inevitable

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus popular daily soap Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka? featuring Amala (Pankhuri Awasthy) and Abeer’s (Rajveer Singh) will show new twist in tale as Amala starts liking Abeer for his concern and understanding.

After marriage, Abeer and Amala are seen trying hard to get back to normal life but things are not so easy.

Amala is yet under the trauma and is unable to get back to herself and have a normal relation with Abeer.

However, she tries to mingle with outside people and slowly gathers all her positive energy to move on in life.

In her journey, he observes Abeer being the most supportive and considerate of her feelings.

Amala notices Abeer’s innocence and kind heart and gets doubtful if Abeer was really involved in crime that night.

Let’s wait and watch if Amala and Abeer’s relation will change for better.

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