Kuyil Paatu disco round with Usha Uthup and Anuradha Sriram 2 Nov

Kuyil Paatu disco round with Usha Uthup and Anuradha Sriram 2 Nov

Kuyil paatu is bringing the talented singers to limelight from Tamil Nadu. The judges of this episode were "The queen of disco" Usha Uthup and Anuradha Sriram.

The first performance was given by Namitha. She sang Allegra song from the movie Kandasamy. The judges said it was absolutely a fantastic performance but then few mistakes which they pointed out and asked her to correct them.

The second participant Mridulla sang a beautiful melody song "mella mella ennai thottu". Judges told that she looks very pretty when she smiles and advised her to give some expressions while she sings and asked her to feel the song and sing.

Third Participant Ashwathi Raj Sang a remix song "Thulluvatho Ilamai" from the movie Sukran. Judges really enjoyed listening to it and said that she looks like a doll in her outfit. Judges liked the way she expressed the english words in the song and her styles and even asked her to learn the original version of the song.

The last performance was given by Samyukta who sang Netru Intha Neram from the movie Tik Tik Tik. Judges liked her performance. Judge Anuradha Sriram said that Samyukta has improved a lot from the last performance and asked her to improve more. Judge Usha Uthup commented on her mistakes and wants to sing better in the next performance.

The best perfrmance for the day was awarded to Namitha.

Mukesh was the special judge for Kuyil Paatu show and was giving good advices for the singers after their perfomances.