Kushal Tandon (Virat) doesn't want to go bald in Ek Hazaaron Mein

Kushal Tandon (Virat) doesn

Kushal Tandon who is presently playing the role of Virat Singh Vadhera in Star Plus Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain (EHMMBH) is in the news for his bald look.

Manvi played by Nia Sharma had been fighting with blood cancer. Her best friend Virat is supporting her in painful days.

The upcoming track will show that Manvi hair start falling due to chemotherapy. In order to support Manvi, Virat is expected to shave off his hair.

Kushal Tandon is shocked knowing about his bald look. He loves his hair very much and when the production house asked him to take a bald avatar, he immediately refused for it.

However, the channel is trying to persuade Kushal, but he is not ready to change his decision. Nia will be required to wear a prosthetic scalp for a shot to show her bald look and later she will be seen in a bandana.

Talking about this bald sequence, Kushal Tandon expressed that this will represent the degree of love for a person.

However, Kushal Tandon is not still sure that if he will shave off his hair in real for the shoot.