Kapil Sharma's relationship status with Preeti Simoes and Ginni

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma News: love and relationsihp, link up rumours with Preeti and Ginni

Kapil sharma is being involved with colleague Preeti Simoes and acquaintance Ginni.

Rumours are around about the love life of Kapil Sharma who is an ace comedian in most high rated TRP show comedy nights with kapil.

As per some people Kapil is engaged to Ginni but some allege that he is involved with Preeti who is his colleague.

These rumours are the highest after Kapil’s show being famous.

Kapil Sharma denies that he is any relationship. He adds he is in relationship with his work.

Mr Sharma says with lots of struggle i have reached where I am today and do not want such kinds of rumours effect him.

Recently the set of comedy nights with kapil was caught by fire. It was through the hard work and unity between the members that could let the show continue.