Junoon Ai Se: Prithvi (Aditya Redij) become Meera’s bodyguard

Junoon Ai Se: Prithvi (Aditya Redij) become Meera’s bodyguard

Life OK’s new show Junoon Ai se nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq love hate story between the couple Prithvi (Aditya Redij) and Meera (Mouni Roy) is turning towards a very interesting way at their first meeting.

It was last seen that Prithvi got very angry when Meera told him that Data Thakur is her father.

Data Thakur refused to accept Meera’s words. He told her that his wife and his daughter have died a year ago.

Meera forced Data Thakur to meet her mother by pointing gun at his head. Prithvi tried to stop Meera by pointing gun at her head.

Data Thakur stops Prithvi and clarified to Meera that his wife broke his village rules and also dies in front of his eyes. Meera decides to stay back to find out the reason about the villagers anger towards her mother.

The things turned more problematic for Prithvi when Data Thakur appoints him as Meera’s bodyguard.

Now, Prithvi and Meera who hate each other very much will be together. Prithvi will use his rude and tough activities on Meera on seeing her insistence.

Let’s see how the story moves in between the hate couple Prithvi and Meera.

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