Jeevika Manvi teary scene in EHMMBH create problem for Nia Sharma

Jeevika Manvi teary scene in EHMMBH create problem for Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma who is playing the role of Manvi in Star Plus Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain (EHMMBH) is feeling some eyes problems after shooting a very teary and emotional scene between Jeevika (Kristle D’souza) and Manvi.

In a particular sequence, the relationship between Jeevika and her sister Manvi has been facing tense moments due to family reasons where Jeevika has asked Manvi to leave her house for good. After hearing those unexpected words from Jeevika, Manvi’s heart broke and she cries. To make this scene look perfect Nia Sharma had to use more glycerin in her eyes.

Nia Sharma tells that many a time, TV artists have to shoot only for emotional and weeping scenes throughout the day. In shooting for TV daily soaps, there is no difference between long shot, close-up shot, etc. It demands similar type of emoting. These emotional scenes put lot of stress on the actors’s real life also. Due to the constant use of glycerine eyes start itching and sometimes after the shoot it becomes difficult to open the eyes. Nia Sharma he is also facing problem with ichy eyes. However, she has come out these teary situation in the show, added Nia Sharma.  


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