Episode 164 Modern Mahalakshmi of the day Anusha M on MAA TV

Episode 164 Modern Mahalakshmi of the day Anusha M on MAA TV

Before getting into the details of the game show, it is very well worth to mention about Roja's appearance. Roja was awesome today with perfect combination of jewels and Saree. Today we had 4 contestants (anusha, roopa, Anusha M, Monica).

First round was called "Ala Modalaindi" in which each contestant will be given a topic and they have to speak about that in pure telugu in which Roopa seemed to be good as she took early lead in this round.

Second round is “Ringa Ringa” where contestants will have a roulette kind of spinner and all they have to do is choose a number. If the day is theirs then they have a chance of winning the lucky gifts. Unfortunately noone was lucky in this round today.

Third round is "Aura Aura" in which the contestants will be given a bow and they have to shoot at a target which consists of some celebrity photos. All they have to do is hit the display with the bow and they will be asked three questions about them. After end of this round, Monica had a lead.

Fourth round is "Chalaki Chandramukhi". Rules are very simple here “Just match the key with box kept in front of you. The more you open, the More you get because lot of gifts are hidden in these boxes. After the end of this round, Monica was still leading.

Final round is "Bangaram Singaram" round. In a span of sixty seconds, you have to decorate the other girl with proper jewels which is placed in front of you.

Finally, the selected Modern mahalakshmi of the day was “Anusha M” . Overall review – Modern mahalakshmi not only gives money and luck but also full of entertainments.

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