Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: Fight between Mahadev (Mohit) & Jalandhar

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: Fight between Mahadev (Mohit) & Jalandhar

The show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev by Triangle Films Company on Life OK will see the track of Ramayan opening the show.

The much Yudh between Jalandhar and Mahadev (Mohit Raina) will see been seen before that Vrinda (Neha Marda) will perform the puja to protect Jalandhar and will be baffled to see Mahadev in the disguise of Jalandhar.

She will curse Mahadev as her purity will be spoilt.

Vrinda will take Samadhi to remain pure and worshipped and will be blessed by Mahadev.

Jalandhar will be broken by Vrinda’ s absence and will want to seek revenge from Mahadev. He will fight with Shiv putra Karthikeya.

Ganesh will try to defeat Jalandhar, but they will not succeed.  Parvati (Sonarika Bhadoria) will only open her eyes when she gets her memory back.

When Jalandhar and Mahadev  fight on the battleground, Parvati will get back her memory and will then break the cave of Jalandhar.

She will then go the battle field and support Mahadev in killing Jalandhar.