Dekha Ek Khwaab-DEK: Udayveer's rift amid Aakash-Manyata succeed?

Dekha Ek Khwaab-DEK: Udayveer

SONY TV’s Dekha Ek Khwaab (DEK) has been shown that Manayta has started to believe on Udayveer and they are becoming friends.

On other side, Udayveer has been using all efforts to create misunderstanding between Manyata and Aaksh. The 5 March 2012 episode showed that Aakash got very angry to know that Udavyveer ( Ashish Kapoor) recommended for his job to the company. Aakash comes to meet Manyta (Priyal Gor) at the palace and Udayveer tries to insult Akash (Abhishek Rawat) but to see Manyata there, Udayveer changes his demeanor and tells Aaksh that he should not have come here because of his letter Manyata was punished now if her family to see him here then Manyata will be again in trouble.

But Aakash accused on Udayveer and tells him that stop to take advantage of Manyata’s innocence and trying to separate the. Akash get shock when Manyata tells him that Udayveer has changed now he is only helping her.

Let’s see Mayata’s concer for Udayveer will create rift between Manyata and Udayveer?