DMG, MJHT, Remix Shows friends popular for Friendship day on TV

DMG, MJHT, Remix Shows friends popular for Friendship day on TV

Friendship Day is about to come. Small screen daily soaps characters are the best example for Friendship and relationships. Wonderful relations of freindship based TV shows are still fresh in the memories of fans.

Star One popular show Mile Jab Hum Tum (MJHT) was one of the best show for Friendship day. The lead stars Mayank and Nupur, Samrat and Gunjan, Dia and Uday and Benji were the true friends.

They were always supported for each other. Gunjan who had stage phobia and Samrat was the one who encouraged her and helped her to live life openly.

Mayank supported Nupur to complete her dreams by becoming a good friend and good husband. Uday, Benji and Dia have the lovely bond and always be present for each other in any situation. Their friends circle achieved a number of fans followings.

The hospital based show Dill Mill Gayye (DMG) was also explored, fun, laughs and hights of the lives of six would-be doctors. Dr. Arman and Riddhima’s sizzling chemistry is still fresh in TV industry. But DMG was initially a fun take on friendship too.

Tia, Ranveer, Aashi and Yuvi were friends forever of the show Remix. They always had their ego clashes, but also bonded over music. Their friendship became teen icons overnight.

Presently, channel V show The Buddy Project is also based on college friendship among 8 students. They belong to different family backgrounds but they come together for one common goal.

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