DID3 100th Spl Episode: Bhavna Khandooja,Sanam Johar Balley dance

DID3 100th Spl Episode: Bhavna Khandooja,Sanam Johar Balley dance

25 March 2012 episode of Dance India Dance completed 100 episodes and to celebrate this occasion DID invited contestants of season 1, Season 2 with season 3 participants.

The first performance was given by Remo Ke Rangeeley dancing star Sanam Johar and contestant of season 2 Bhavna Khandooja. Bhavna and Sanam gave a lovely act on romantic song Mere Paas Hai Tu in Balley dance style.

All three masters were happy to see Bhavna on stage again. Master Geeta complimented their dance act by saying beautiful and nice. She particularly appreciated the 'neck around dance' act saying that it was an awesome and wonderful magical performance.

Master Terence said that it was lovely act while Remo D'Souza praised that Bhavna showed good chemistry with Sanam. He said that if music could be seen, that would look like the dance performed by Sanam and Bhavna.

Grand Master Mithun Chakraborty praised Bhavna and Sanam as they gave a beautiful performance in 100th episode celebration of Dance India Dance.

Watch video online of the dance of Sanam and Bhavna in DID 3 100th episode 25 March

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