DID3 Super Six special:Raghav Juyal slow motion dance with family

DID3 Super Six special:Raghav Juyal slow motion dance with family

Terence Ki Toli dancing star Raghav Juyal danced to the song Hamari Adhoori Kahaani in Croax style in ZEE TV Dance India Dance season 3 Super Six special round on 7 April 2012.

Raghav Juyal who is famous as slow motion dancer of DID Season 3 included new slow motion dancing style in his brilliant act. Remo D’Souza said that it was a brilliant emotional act. The corner step where Ragahv lifted his whole body on one hand was incredible. Master Geeta said that Raghav’s signature slow motion dancing style makes his each of his dance special. She liked ending of Raghav Juyal dace where he used slow motion jumping.

Mentor Terence said that Raghav mesmerized everyone by his wonderful dancing. Grand master Mithun Da said he is proud of Raghav and gave standing salute. 7 April 2012 episode was surprise for Raghav as his father and younger brother visted the show. On the request of Mithun Da, Raghav’s father and brother also did slow motion on stage with Raghav. 

Anchor Jay gave opportunity to Raghav’s father to announce Raghav’s result. He announced that Raghav has entered DID 3 super six and Mithun Da kept the golden wing to the lucky cap of Raghav which makes him to continue his journey to DID Season 3 finale.

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