DID Lil Masters 2 May 26: Shreya Singhal & Druvita's Mujra dance

DID Lil Masters 2 May 26: Shreya Singhal & Druvita

The little dancing stars Shreya Singhal and Druvita from Prince Ki Paltan mesmerized everyone with their wonderful Muzra dance in 26 May 2012 episode of ZEE TV Dance India Dance Lil Masters season 2- Return of dance ke baap.

Shreya Singhal and Shalini were supposed to perform the dance but Shalini was ill so Druvita who is standby for DID was danced in place of Shalini.

They danced on the popular evergreen old song Inhi logo Ne using Mujra dancing style.

Master Geeta missed Shalini very much because her expression will be mind-blowing for such type of dance act. Shreya did very well for her solo part of the dance. It was a refreshing dance.

Master Marzi said that Shreya is good in Kathak dance and her dance opening touched his heart. He liked the knee turn of Druvita and loved the brilliant concept of the dance.

Celebrity Sonakshi Sinha said that it was a graceful superb dance.

Grand Master Mithun Da said that the skipper Prince surprised him by this dance and praised their dance by Kya Baat, Kya Baat, Kya Baat.