Beyhadh Shocking: Ashwin's cunning plan to end Maya's chapter

Beyhadh Shocking: Ashwin

Sony Entertainment Television’s romantic thriller Beyhadh starring Maya (Jennifer Winget), Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) is going to showcase shocking twist with Ashwin's cunning plan to end Maya's chapter.

Arjun and Maya are enjoying their period of love while Maya gets shocked to witness Ashwin and Janvi’s union once again.

Maya refuse to accept Ashwin, therefore Janvi takes a bold step and decides to leave Maya’s house and reside with Ashwin without informing Maya

On the other hand, Ashwin will be seen taking advantage of this situation and will inform Maya that Janvi is gone to end her life.

Scared Maya will start hunting for Janvi and will land up near a river.

Ashwin will notify that Janvi jumped into the river while Maya without even giving a second thought will jump into the river.

Will Maya die succeeding Ashwin’s evil plan?

Let’s wait and watch.