Beintaha: Aaliya (Preetika) sends Zain (Harshad Arora) to office

Beintaha: Aaliya (Preetika) sends Zain (Harshad Arora) to office

Beintahaa on Colors brings in interesting track daily with cute fight and romance relationship between its main lead Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao).

Aaliya will now win over Zain again by sending him to office of her Mamu Osman’s wish.

In the last episode, Zain supported Aaliya for first time in front of his family and society. Zain’s father Osman gets happy to see sense of being hisband in Zain but just than Surriya gets Aaliya and Zain’s room picture where they sleep like in divided room.

In the coming episode, Osman will tell Aaliya about responsibilities of a wife and will say first responsibility is to send husband to work.

Aaliya will force Zain to go to office but Zain will deny that he will never go to office. Aaliya will smartly take advantages of Zain’s weakness and will succeed in sending Zain to office.

Also there will lot more fuzz about Zain and Aaliya going to honeymoon bringing many interested moments of tussle and love amid Aaliya and Zain.

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