Balika Vadhu: Gauri is second wife of Jagat revealed to Badi Masi

Balika Vadhu: Gauri is second wife of Jagat revealed to Badi Masi

In 26 March 2012 episode, it was shown that Sumitra comes inside Gauri’s room and stops Badi Masiji from talking to Gauri. Sumitra says to Badi Masiji that Dadisaa is calling her. As Badi Masiji leaves, Sumitra gives Gauri some food for the journey.

Gauri keeps the saree given by Badi Masiji in her bag and throws the food given by Sumitra. Gauri says to Sumitra that she and Jagat are very happy together in Mumbai and the proof of that is their photos which she has send on her (Sumitra’s) birthday. Sumitra replied that she doesn’t need any proof as she knows that Jagat loves his family very much and will come back to them whenever they need him.

Later, Jagat came to take Gauri to bus stop so that she can go back to Mumbai. As Gauri was about to leave the house, Badi Masiji came with Anandi. Badi Masiji has done the make over of Anandi by adorning Anandi to look very beautiful. Badi Masiji also told Gauri that tomorrow is the wedding anniversary pooja of Jagat and Anandi which shocked Gauri.

Gauri became very angry and told Badi Masiji that Anandi is no more the wife of Jagat but she (Gauri) is Jagat’s wife now. Everyone tried to stop Gauri from saying this but Gauri didn’t listen to them. Moreover, she also said that she is pregnant with Jagat’s child and Badi Masiji was shocked to hear this news.