Review: Apple iphone 5 features Technical specifications & price

Review: Apple iphone 5 features Technical specifications & price

Apple iphone 5 features, Technical specifications and price Details

Experts claim that iPhone 5 is the iPhone that they wanted since 2010. The iPhone 5 is upgraded with features such as LTE mobile network connectivity which enables users to make use of faster 4G networks.

The new design is flat out lovely, as opined by many reviewers, is good for both holding and to look. It is twenty percent lighter than the previous iPhone 4 and 4S, making the users of the older models feel it like a paperweight.

The iPhone 5 also has subtle friction to the edges and the metal back that ensures that it does not slip from our grasp. This was done in response to the complaints of users of previous models.

One other addition was Apple’s maps feature that allows a 3D flyover view of some significant cities. But it lacks Google’s street views that are based on ground-level photography. It also lacks public-transit routing, but Apple will link its users to third-party transit applications.

When it comes to comparison with Samsung’s Galaxy S3, the iPhone performs limited stuffs, but does them perfectly. In spite of this, Apple users have embraced the phone just like the previous models. The pre sales in the first 24 hours were 2 million, the fastest iPhone launch ever. Apple’s stock touched a peak of $703.50, and eased back to $701.03, even before the phone’s official availability.